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Database Planning – Essay Sample

Planning is an important part of the entire process of creating a database because planning allows the user to identify the purpose of the database, the functions expected from the database, and the intended users of the database. During the … Full sample

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Food Preparation and Excel – Essay Sample

In addition to computing ingredient amounts, Excel may be used to store recipes and sort them by ingredients.  Using the sort function in this way allows dishes to be selected based on the customer’s preferences or the availability of ingredients.  … Full sample

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Excel Program – Essay Sample

Excel, as is well known, has become a nearly indispensable tool in accounting. It serves both the individual and the business, and on every level each requires. Its name, in fact, has become wholly identified with all accounting procedures. It … Full sample

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Heuristics and User Interface – Essay Sample

Outline Introduction Heuristics; Definition and Origin User Interface Definition User Interface Heuristics Show System Status System Should Match the Real World User Control and Freedom Consistency and Standard Error Prevention Recognition Rather than Recall Flexibility and Efficiency of Use Aesthetic … Full sample

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Designing a Local Area Network – Essay Sample

The nature of our institution allows us to adopt a local Area Network. This type of network allows one to connect the various network internetwork devices over a short distance. The college best suits this kind of network design since … Full sample

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