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Geoffrey Parker’s Concept of the ‘Western Way of War’ – Essay Sample

War has changed significantly over mankind’s thousands of years, but in this modern-day era, Geoffrey Parker attempts to explain the phenomena of the ‘western way of war.’ Developed initially in his writings on warfare, Parker claims that the ‘western’ nations … Full sample

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The Iraq War is Unjustified – Essay Example

The eight-year occupation of United States troops in Iraq was an overall unjustified, unacceptable war that absorbed military resources, wasted government money, threw away thousands of lives and threw a nation into chaos. Defending the Iraq War is next to … Full sample

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Communism in China – Essay Outline

Title: The impact of the war with Japan on the communist-national struggle for control of China Outline Title Page Introduction Thesis Statement Background Conflict with Japan – high level perspective Communist-nationalist struggle for control of China The influence of Japan … Full sample

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Policing in American Society – Essay Sample

The relationship between the United States government and its police forces has always been a shifting, and frequently uneasy, one.  The bonds between them are apparent; the government, supported by taxes, is untrusted to set into place the machinery to … Full sample

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Turkey and the European Union – Essay Sample

Introduction Turkey became a candidate country for membership of EU as a result of its application to Helsinki European Council in 1999. EU established a Customs Union with Turkey in 1995 with its scope based on manufactured products between Turkey … Full sample

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