Greece and Italy: Two Amazing Vacation Spots – Essay Sample

Greece and Italy: Two Amazing Vacation Spots – Essay Sample


Greece is a small European country that is very famous for her tourist attractions. Greece borders Turkey and Italy and it is endowed with a Mediterranean coastline. This country’s natural beauty attracts tourists from all over the world. Visitors come into Greece during summer as well as during winter. The Mediterranean weather in this country is always calm.

Greece offers many sporting opportunities to tourists who visit the country. People who like adventures may engage in sporting activities such as rafting, rock climbing, hiking, kite-surfing and windsurfing. Tourists who prefer to engage in more relaxed sports may engage in golf, horse riding or biking. Additionally, lovers of snow sports will find this country very amazing. Some of the best winter locations in this country include Arachova, Zagoria and Kalavryta.

In Greece, there are different types of accommodation that are offered to both local and foreign visitors. People who visit this country may choose to stay in luxurious villas, hotel rooms or camping sites. Some accommodations services are cheap while others are expensive. It is always upon visitors to make the right choices depending on their needs.

Greece has a very rich culture, something that captivates tourists from all over the world. This is a land of numerous traditions that make places like Vergina, Acropolis of Athens, Delphi and Ancient Olympia very popular with tourists. Additionally, many festivals take place in this country annually. Some tourists always ensure that the timing of their vacations corresponds with their favorite annual festivals. During these religious popular culture festivals, visitors get an opportunity to sample Greek cuisine. They also get an opportunity to buy souvenirs from local vendors.

People who come to Greece love spending the night in the country’s capital city, Greece. The nightlife in this city is vivid and Greek music rocks the city every night, all night long. Visitors also love this city because of the association it has with many early philosophers as well as the fact that it is the cradle of western civilization. Alternatively, one may spend a night in one of Greek islands, among them Mykonos, Los, Corfu and Rhodes. In each of these islands, the entertainment style is similar to the one that is found in Athens. Wherever you are within Greece, you can be sure to have a wonderful holiday experience.


Italy has diverse tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors from different parts of the world all year long. Some of this country’s attractions have been designated as World Heritage Sites. The country is also famous for her wonderful coasts, cuisine, lakes and mountains. Italy is a beautiful city where everyone has a sense of fashion. For this reason, many art and cultural centers have been set up in order to attract tourists.  Additionally, there are many monuments, panoramic destinations and beautiful cities all over this European country.

Italian natural landscapes are as scenic as the country’s architecture. Rome, the capital city of Rome is famous the world over for its architectural marvels. Some of the most stunning architectural marvels of all time are found here. Additionally, there are art galleries and museums where one can find numerous types of artifacts and collections of artistic masterpieces that reflect the richness of Italian cultures.






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