Article Critique - Not Your Problem But Ours

An article critique is difficult for many students because it is just not about reading and summarizing an article. It requires careful evaluation of the article in a manner that enables you to convince other readers to read the article. To write a good critique, you need to understand the purpose and the aim of the writer. Another important point to remember while critiquing the article is to ask yourself, what type is it? Is it a research article critique or a journal article critique? Both are very different from each other and have a different guideline that needs to be fulfilled to get the best article critique. For example, while reading a research article, you need to be immaculate in understanding its methodologies and results. If you don’t understand the different methodologies and why those particular methodologies are being used in the research, then you won’t understand the main purpose of the article, which is “research”!

Questions to Answer when writing your article critique

  • What’s the author’s main point?
  • What’s the intended audience for the article?
  • What’s the purpose of the article?
  • What arguments are used to support the main point?
  • What evidence is used to support the arguments?
  • What are the author’s assumptions or biases?
  • Is the author’s argument logical?
  • Is the text of the article coherent, clear and easy to read?
  • Are the facts presented in the article accurate?
  • Are all the terms clearly defined?
  • Is the text appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Does the text of the article help to understand the subject?
  • Does the topic of the article represent a particular focus of study?
  • Is there enough background information to present the topic in question?
  • What is the significance of the article’s topic?
  • How clear are the research questions and hypotheses?
  • How adequate are the study’s sampling methods?
  • How effective is the study’s data analyses?
  • How consistent are the author’s conclusions?
  • How comprehensive are the author’s conclusions with the reported results?

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In some cases, students find it very difficult to write a proper article critique about a journal because they can’t help summarizing it. Sometimes it is so boring that they simply end up summarizing it. They forget that it is very important for a critique writer to give balanced views about the article in a comprehensive yet a concise manner. And sometimes you are required to format the article in APA article critique format. APA format has strict guidelines that need to be followed while keeping the components of the article’s critique in mind. For some students, APA format is not easy to understand. This is why an article critique of any “type” is not everybody’s cup of tea.