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Caps Off to the Capstone Project

The capstone project is often required in order to pass a specialized course, whether involving a Master’s Degree or simply an honors level course. The requirements of this monolithic (meaning real big) paper will vary according to course and teacher. When it is assigned, it will likely be accompanied by a set of pertinent requirements. (Don’t lose these.) A capstone project is about solving a real problem or challenge that is found in a given area of study. It is a kind of applied academia: you must show that you understand the concept as well as its real-life applications. And it’s big, really big, usually running about forty plus pages. So know well in advance that this one is going to take a lot of time, research, writing and editing. It will be a lot of work so get yourself organized and plan the process out. Planning and organization are always important with academic papers but these factors are going to be critical in this venture.

How to Wrangle the Beast of the Capstone Project

The beastly capstone project can be simply broken down and tamed as long as you allow enough time and energy to be devoted to it.

  • Choose your topic and do a lot of research: this will lead to ideas for your thesis.
  • Set up an outline for the entire capstone project as well as a schedule to keep you on track and to avoid you going mad.
  • Your thesis should have percolated by now.
  • The supporting information you choose, drawn from all that extensive research you carried out, will allow you to present top-notch and relevant facts in your paper. But you must also include your interpretation of those facts and then draw conclusions as to how all this fits into real world, real life situations.

Components of the capstone project include:

  • Title page that sums up what your project is about;
  • Abstract that gives an overview of your project, describes the problem or challenge you are going to assess and what purpose this project will serve;
  • Copyright page which will ensure that your work is protected;
  • Introduction sets it all up and includes the research methods you have used;
  • Your insightful Findings will now be listed with their results as well as the limitations that were used;
  • Conclusion will summarize and leave off with ideas for improvement around your topic;
  • References page will include acknowledgements.

And last, but not ever least, remember to proofread, edit, adopt and adapt before handing the capstone project in. After all, you have invested too much time, energy and sheer brain-power into this monster to let a few errors or inaccuracies bring you down. Make sure that your t’s are crossed, your i’s are dotted and that your exhaustion doesn’t show through.

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Questions to answer when writing a capstone project.

  • What problem or issue is being addressed?
  • Why have you chosen this particular problem?
  • What is the purpose of your project?
  • How will you complete your project?
  • How will you measure your results?
  • How can you identify the level of the project's success?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What is the format of the final paper?
  • What kind of visuals are needed for the project?
  • Are the appendices necessary for the project?