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Writing a speech during any point in life is a daunting and head-scratching task. Not only do you have to face known and unknown faces in the audience alone on a stage, but you also have to speak and convey the purpose of the speech that you have been assigned. One very common type of speech that students come across constantly in their educational life is a demonstration speech. A demonstration speech is similar to an informative speech. It is an effective way to explain how a particular task is performed. Teachers assign their students to deliver these dreadfully annoying speeches with the aim of helping students improve their writing abilities to become more focused and descriptive in writing. We can help you write the best demonstration speech you have ever presented!

Demonstration Speech Topics

  • How to cook a lasagna.
  • How to choose a prom dress.
  • Best ways to recycle domestic waste.
  • How to ride a bike.
  • How to play chess.
  • How to make origami.
  • Learning how to cross stich.
  • How to play golf.
  • How to mow the lawn.
  • How to maintain a personal organizer.
  • How to improve time management skills.
  • How to get up early.
  • How to dance salsa.
  • How to plan a birthday party.
  • How to organize a class reunion.
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking.
  • How to make your own jewelry.
  • How to choose a summer vacation destination.
  • How to care for elderly.
  • How to prepare a dinner for 6 people.

Key features

Students find demonstrative speech stressful and challenging as it entails research and focus. Many students prefer to deliver speeches only on topics which interest them but somehow luck never favors them and they end up with the most boring topic. Good speaking skills and interesting content are two basic elements which make a speech interesting for the audience. Students don’t normally find difficulty in delivering the speech but having good content for the speech involves research, time and tears to shape up a perfect speech.

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