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Thesis Acknowledgement Writing Help

Many people are a little puzzled when it comes to completing their thesis acknowledgement page and it’s really not necessary because a thesis acknowledgement is nothing new to us. Remember the messages to loved ones and friends an author would put in the front of the books you read as a child? Well that’s kind of what a thesis acknowledgement page is – just a little bit more formal.

If you have any trouble writing your acknowledgement page or any other part of your thesis, we offer a comprehensive thesis help service. From full thesis writing to proofreading and editing, we do it all. Having a professional take a look at your thesis is a great idea because it’ll help you iron out any flaws you might have – a few quick fixes could lead to a lot of extra marks.

If you simply didn’t have time to complete your thesis, we can do the whole thing for you – from start to finish. Some people come to us mid-flow - they’ve either run out of time or lost all direction. We’ll happily get your thesis back on course for you, so you get the grade you deserve. Finally, there are those who just want a proofread and we can do that too, because spelling and formatting errors can cost lots of marks! If you’re not confident when it comes to a thesis acknowledgement page, leave it to us.

Who Should I Include In My Acknowledgments?

The answer to this question is different for everyone – you should include those who helped you the most, if anyone. A thesis acknowledgment page is considered the “norm”, but if you feel like you did it all by yourself, you’re not compelled to include one. Common thesis acknowledgement goes to University staff – the lecturers and assistants who have helped you through your degree.

Aside From Staff Who Do I Include In My Thesis Acknowledgement?

Including friends and family is usually the done thing – especially those who have stood by you during those hectic weeks and months before your thesis was due. Your stress will not have gone unnoticed by those around you so show some gratitude for their patience by including a little thanks in your thesis acknowledgement page.

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