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Knowing what to write in your thesis proposal is only half the struggle – knowing exactly how to format it so that the examiner is happy with your work is also a pretty tough task. Many people underestimate how hard a proposal is and they also underestimate the importance of one. Write a good proposal which forms the foundations for your final thesis document and you’ll be well on your way to success. It’s not as easy as it sounds, however, and many people simply don’t invest the time they should into their proposal, which has a knock on effect to the quality of their final thesis, and their degree classification.

Writing a Thesis Proposal

Writing a thesis proposal might seem pretty easy but it’s actually the second most important piece of work you’ll ever turn in, after your thesis itself. Many people rush it and don’t put the proper time and thought into it, and that’s pretty silly because a proposal also counts for some of your final mark. When it comes to getting the degree you deserve it’s a case of skimping and scraping every mark you can – so marks thrown down the drain in your proposal are nothing more than easy marks lost.

A PhD thesis proposal is no exception to this role – expect those writing a thesis proposal will know just how important it is to get every last mark. If you didn’t have the time to spend writing your proposal last time round then learn from your mistakes and don’t just hand in a rushed PhD thesis proposal this time.

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If writing a thesis proposal seems a little too much hassle for you then it’s good to know our experts are here to start writing a proposal for you. If you want expert knowledge and experience to go into the creation of your proposal then you should definitely check out the services we have to offer.

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