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A thesis statement should not be over complicated – many people are clueless as to how to best approach it, but writing a thesis statement is really quite simple. Every book has a blurb, and writing a thesis statement is almost like a blurb – it informs your reader of what your thesis will focus on, so they have a good idea of what your thesis is all about before they even turn the front page. A thesis statement is also pretty handy in those “tear your hair out” situations where you find you’ve lost all focus – a quick refresh of your statement and you’re good to go again.

How Do I Go About Writing a Thesis Statement, And How Long Does a Good Thesis Statement Have to Be?

There is no length limit when writing a statement, but it’s important to remember that it’s only supposed to be short. There’s no use writing a few paragraphs for your thesis statement because it’s meant to be clear and concise - it’s supposed to enlighten your reader in less than two sentences (remember this when writing a thesis statement). As a statement will usually appear on the front cover of your thesis it’s an idea to keep it short anyway so it doesn’t look too messy – a crowded front page just doesn’t look great.

Play around with your statement when you’ve decided on the question you’re going to address and the area of study you’re focusing on. Write your statement out a few times and toy with it – see how you can condense it and compact it into a more concise form. You will know when you’ve got it right because your statement will tell you exactly what your thesis is about in the fewest words possible – this is a good thesis statement.

Where Does My Thesis Statement Go, And Can You Help Me With It?

As previously mentioned the thesis statement should go on the front cover of your thesis and that’s one of the reasons why keeping it concise is of paramount importance. Towards the bottom of your cover page, underneath your thesis title, your module name, and your name is where it should be situated.

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