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How To Write a Book Report To Make Your Voice Heard

The goal and purpose involved in writing a book report is to write a good amount about a book within a small amount of space, so it is important to understand how to capture the main facts of the book, outline those correctly, and write a grammatically correct report that reflects your knowledge and understanding of the book. There are several parts to writing a fabulous book report we'll briefly summarize below for your complete education.

After you have read the material that will be the basis of the book report, it is necessary to take some notes as you skim through and outline key parts, events, and chapters that should be referenced in this report. Keep in mind that you should ask yourself, “what would I wish to know about this book if I never read it?" while you are jotting down the notes. After you have documented several pages of good notes, it is time to skim through those notes and decided what is needed to be included in the final draft of the paper, keeping in the forefront of your thoughts the required length of the book report assignment.

The next step is to outline the main plot of the book, with the proper placement and actions of the main characters. As you begin the actual report, you need to balance your writing between actual facts and enough opinion of the book that will draw other people to want to read the same book. You need to be, in other words, factually provocative yet not too revealing of the specifics within the book. As the report begins to take form, include specific events that contributed to the end result, or plot, and try not to be verbose with your descriptions of these events. Be opinionistic yet you do not want to bore the person that is reading the report.

Finally, you would want to end the report by telling the reader how you think the author portrayed the character and if anything about the story line could contribute to world changing events; also, this is a good opportunity to describe how the style of writing made the story more or less difficult to follow; honesty in your accounts of a story is often times appreciated at the end of the report. When the report closes, make sure to include footnotes of any research that may have needed to be done, including specific resources. Make sure to proofread, spell and grammar check the report, indent your paragraphs and double-space the sentences as well before turning it in.

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