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How To Write a Movie Review To Make It Count

An excellent movie critic is born from watching numerous films, whether good or bad, and understanding how to clearly state the facts of the movie without giving the plot away. In this basic guide, we'll be showing you how an effective review of a movie can not only enhance appreciate for the film industry, but also allow others to appreciate your insight and either save them time and money in seeing the film, or further excite them to the point they jet out of the house to go see it. Either way, learning how to write a movie review is vital in the process of becoming an astute movie buff.

The first obvious step in this process is to go and watch the movie, and stick it out whether you like it or not. If parts of the film were not clearly understood, then it may take a second viewing to get a perfect picture in your mind of what the movie entailed and key points that made or broke the plot. It would actually be optimal during the movie to have a small tablet on hand to take some notes about the plot that you found to be compelling, or appalling, so they can be referenced later.

Next, it would behoove you to identify the audience for which you'll be directing the reviews towards. Some newspapers or online platforms may only want some brief gibberish about the movie, while other hard-core movie fanatics may want you to break down the entire film piece by piece. Identifying the target group will be optimal for you during the writing process. Now that you have made it this far, it is time to go find a quiet spot and write all of the features of the movie in an opinion-facts mixture of detailed writing format. Remember, we do not want to divulge the entire plot as this would deter potential movie goers.

Most movie reviews fall between 200-500 words in length and are written in clear English that anyone of any reading level can ascertain. Once the process of writing the review is done in the first draft, set it down and walk away from it for a few hours and do something that would take your mind off of it. When some time passes by, go back to the review and look it over, re-reading for candor and interest. Now that it is done, you are ready to submit to a chosen source, which is either your local paper or an online review site.

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