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How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

When you have been tasked with writing a research paper, a strong thesis statement is absolutely critical. Your thesis statement provides the basis for your entire paper, and research paper writing can count for a great deal of your grade once you enter into college. Here, we will look at the importance of a strong thesis statement and how you can work to ensure that you are creating the best possible thesis statement for a research paper.

The Role of the Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is actually one of the most important parts of your paper. You will find that it plays a number of roles. Within these one or two sentences, your statement should provide your reader with a clear, organized summary of your argument that really gives them an idea of the work you have done and the position that you are taking.

Creating a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

One of the key elements of a strong thesis statement in research paper writing is to really break down the point of your paper into a single question. If you can identify the one question that really summarizes what your paper is answering, you can create a thesis statement much more easily. With your question created, simply use a couple of sentences to answer the question, providing your main idea, asserting your overall conclusions, and showing how your topic could create disagreement but how your research could solve the overall problem.

Is My Thesis Adequate?

When taking on a thesis statement for a research paper, it is very important to review your selection and to ensure that it is strong enough to garner interest and to really command attention. Your thesis statement needs to take a stand and to really warrant discussion. It is important to limit your thesis statement to a single main idea, just as your overall paper should do, with research and facts included in the paper itself to back up this idea.

A Strong Thesis Works Harder for You

When you are able to come up with a strong thesis statement for a research paper, you will find that it can help improve your grade and that it can help improve the overall impression of your paper. A well written thesis statement works hard to narrow your subject to a single, manageable topic, and then works to use research and data to help solve a problem. Writing your first research paper can be difficult, but with a strong thesis statement, you can easily create a paper that stays on track and helps prove your point.