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Title Page Writing Guide

Writing the title page to your research paper or thesis is one of the most critical elements. While it may seem on the surface like the title page would be negligible, the truth of the matter is that it is crucial. The APA style, while considered the primary standard of the American Psychological Association, is actually the most widely used style of formatting in a variety of fields and is the most commonly required formatting at almost all major colleges and universities. The team of experts at BestEssayHelp is always here to assist you with the creation of your papers and with formatting and editing concerns. In this guide, we will look at the requirements for writing a title page according to APA standards.

In the upper right hand corner of your title page, you will want to put a shortened version of your title. It will ideally be only about four or five words that concisely summarize your paper. Just to the right of this should be your first page number, written in lowercase Roman numerals. This section of text should have a right side justification.

In terms of the title itself, you will want to use a center justification and to place the title near the middle of the page itself. You will also want to use title case formatting, which means capitalizing all of the important words in the title, but not words such as a, an, and the unless they are the first words in the title. Avoid the use of bold print, italics, quotes, and other formatting types.

Near the bottom of your page, you should write the information about yourself and the course for which the paper is being written. Once again you will want to use a center justification. In all, this section will include the name of the authoring individual, the name of the course, the name of the course instructor, and the due date of the paper itself. There should only be one item per line, with all maintaining a center justification.

While these instructions are fairly simple, following them specifically is very important. APA standards have very strict requirements, and many professors will reject any paper that does not conform to proper formatting requirements. Memorizing all of the standards of APA paper writing can certainly be difficult, but you will find that taking it one section at a time can help greatly.