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Voice Argument Guide

Writing speeches can be a bit difficult, especially if you have been asked to present a speech from a point of view that is not your own. What is important to understand, however, is that the key to the success of your speech is not in whether or not you believe its points, but whether or not you can provide a voice argument that asserts that you do. BestEssayHelp is comprised of a team of professional academic writers who are willing to share their skills in any capacity you need. Whether your problem is with research, formatting, or writing the speech itself, we can help you ensure that you get it done right!

Voice argument is actually the key to successful speech writing, so it is important that you learn the little language tricks that make you more effective. Essentially, you need to be able to believe that you are right even if you know that you aren’t, or at a minimum you need to be able to convince others of this. How do you manage it? For starters, make sure you aren’t saying the wrong thing. Using phrases such as “I believe”, “In my opinion”, or “It seems like” will immediately let your listeners or readers know that you are not convinced of your point. If you aren’t convinced, how can you expect anyone else to be?

In short, the key to great voice argument is to choose words that sound definitive and absolute. Use phrases such as “research shows” or “according to leading experts”. Where you find yourself saying that your point “might” be something, say instead that it “is” that thing. Choose strong words that really place emphasis and believability on your strongest points while making even your weakest arguments indisputable and you will find that your voice argument is much stronger and therefore much more successful.