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London Gateway Port and Logistics Park – Essay Example

The purpose of the London Gateway is to provide a port of harbor for deep-sea crafts that have been previously scattered in various locations. It will be a prime location for ships seeking to transfer goods into and out of … Full sample

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How the Inflation Gauge is Faulty in the Past in the US – Essay Sample

It is extremely difficult, even for experts, to predict or determine the correct inflation rates that befall the United States. Many citizens depend on the inflation gauge as a guiding factor in purchasing, investing, selling and other financial actions. However, … Full sample


World Trade Organization – Essay Example

International trading would not be the same today without the World Trade Organization, also known as the WTO. Its main function is dealing with rules of trade between various nations. Without the WTO, it is likely that international trade markets … Full sample

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Economy of Bahrain – Essay Example

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a state that unites a group of islands in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The capital Manama is situated on the largest island (also called Bahrain). The state comprises of 35 islands, … Full sample

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Principles of Financial Management – Essay Sample

Financial management is a system of principles, means and forms of economic relations between companies, aimed at managing their financial and economic activities, which include development and implementation of financial policies, informational support, evaluation of investment projects and financial planning. … Full sample

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