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Ombudsman Definition – Essay Sample

Ombudsman (from Swedish “representative”) is a specially elected (appointed) official who monitors the human rights situation in various administrative agencies. This term is of Scandinavian origin and means an official who receives complaints. Official job titles in different countries vary. … Full sample

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Business Law: Regulation of Business – Essay Example

The problem of efficiency of state regulation of small and medium businesses in developed economies indicates the main instruments of state regulation of the economy. Small businesses play an essential role in solving problems of unemployment. In 1980’s, 80% of … Full sample

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Events Management Law – Essay Sample

Whenever a major festival, concert, conference, convention or other public event is underway, issues arise surrounding the management of the events. Event management is an overarching term referring to the techniques and actions used in the research, planning, preparation and … Full sample


International Law and Supreme Court Rulings – Essay Example

Title: Should International and Foreign Law and Global Considerations Shape Supreme Court Rulings? It had long been debated whether the United States Supreme Court should consider international laws or other global regulations when establishing court decisions. The main issue here … Full sample

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Should Los Angeles’ Green Space be Considered a Civil Right? – Essay Example

Many cities take advantage of their ‘green space’ – the parks, playgrounds, gardens and other plant-inhabited areas that bring nature back to an urban atmosphere. However, some cities don’t have the pleasure of a refreshing ‘green space.’ The most notable … Full sample

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