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Melville’s Adaptation of Montaigne & Shakespeare – Essay Sample

In the sixteenth century, Michel de Montaigne described his utopia in “On Cannibals” as a nation void of all material ties, intellectual knowledge, and hostile emotions. He argued that the South American natives relied purely on nature and natural instincts; … Full sample

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Iago Character Analysis – Essay Sample

There is no doubt that the eternal drama of Othello arouses deep feelings of mourn and regret in everyone who knows the story and sympathizes with the characters. The main participants of the drama are surely Othello, the ambitious and … Full sample

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Character from Hamlet: Ophelia

Ophelia is one of the most complex characters of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. She serves to reveal the dual essence of woman nature, which Shakespeare obviously wanted to emphasize. There is an enormous quantity of theories on what the role of Ophelia … Full sample





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