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Risk Management – Essay Sample

Risk management can be defined as a number of procedures and actions that allow managers to identify, assess, monitor and address risks before they transform into problems. It is desirable to identify risks as early as possible and certainly before … Full sample


Servant Leadership and Talent Management – Essay Sample

There are many ways in which companies are run, and many philosophies towards successful business leadership. A company must always consider its overall interests and individual success. One popular philosophy for leaders in the business world includes servant leadership. By … Full sample


Social Responsibility in Procurement – Essay Sample

When a corporation, business or other individual attempts to procure a good or service, there are certain social issues that come to light as a result. Most corporations would define this idea of social responsibility as the duty of employees … Full sample

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Leadership and Management Theory – Essay Sample

Since ancient times, people tried to find out which specific qualities a leader should have to manage others effectively. There once was a belief that God has endowed a man with three main qualities at first: talent, will and decency. … Full sample


Shoe Scheduling

Custom shoe manufacturing has become one of the joys of the internet for users everywhere. Such procedures could not be possible without the appropriate scheduling software and manufacturing process. Such software and process are described here. Planning and scheduling software … Full sample

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