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Meteorology – Essay Sample

The question of the effects of global warming on the world climate has frequently risen during the last decades. This matter is vitally important for us because the consequences of global warming may be unpredictable. Different scientists throughout the world … Full sample

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Independent Country Analysis – Essay Sample

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country with an area of 356,669 square miles. The country has a Real GDP of about 6%, a population of about 151,319,499 people, exports (f.o.b)  36.4 and imports (f.o.b) of 21.9 Nigeria has … Full sample


Christopher Columbus Discovers – Essay Sample

Christopher Columbus was a navigator, colonizer, and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere. His historical findings changed our scientific understanding of the natural world.  We acknowledge … Full sample

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Biogeography and Evolution – Essay Sample

The sphere of biogeography deals with the circulation of species considering both geography and location in relation to other species. Space and time are the primary factors of studies. It is to find out where the life forms live, in … Full sample

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Paleo-Eskimo settlements in Northern and Eastern Arctic – Essay Sample

The paper presents the Paleo-Eskimo settlements in Northern and Eastern Arctic through the model developed to generally describe colonisation strategy. The investigation of the model in question gives us an opportunity to test different patterns of settlement types in order … Full sample

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