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Ocean Acidification – Essay Example

Climate changes affect a large number of ecosystems in the world, but the effect of human activity on the world’s oceans has received little attention. The truth is, earth’s oceans are suffering severe, irreversible effects from human activity. The most … Full sample

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Flower Symbolism in Paintings – Essay Example

Beauty has always been the prime subject of paintings, so it is no wonder that the marvelous, natural, diverse subject of flowers often appears repeatedly in paintings. These painted flowers, however, often serve more purpose than a decorative display. Flowers … Full sample


Timber Use and Disposal in Georgia – Essay Sample

The state of Georgia is replete with various manufacturing industries including textiles, clothing, aircraft, paper, paint and varnishes, bricks and tiles, glassware, and ceramics (Georgia-Industry, 2010.) In 1997, the state had a total of more than 9000 manufacturing firms, valued … Full sample

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The Debate over Exploitation by Hydraulic Fracturing – Essay Sample

The Marcellus Shale play spans the area of the Appalachian Basin from upstate New York, through Pennsylvania, and into West Virginia (Rahm, 2011 p. 2975). This ancient deposit of natural gas rich shale was laid down around 400 million years … Full sample

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Neoliberal Globalization – Essay Sample

How is neoliberal globalization related to changes in urban social ecology and inequality? Neoliberal globalization has brought a great disparity of wealth into city-regions in both developed and lesser developed nations.  Transnational foreign corporate interests have used neoliberal policies in … Full sample

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