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Business Letter Writing – Essay Sample

To: Everyone From: Assistant Manager (Purchasing) Date: March 24, 2011 Re: Standardizing Purchase Requests Last year we received complaints that some purchase requests were not filled on time. Some even complained about never receiving the status of their purchase requests … Full sample

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Business Communication – Essay Sample

To: Everyone From: Manager (Human Resources) Date: March 24, 2011 Re: Choosing a Holiday Plan As you are aware, the company offers twelve holidays to all of its employees annually, eleven of which are the public holidays. The last one … Full sample


Functions and Linear Functions – Essay Sample

What is a function? A function is defined as a relation between a given set of elements known as the domain and another set of elements known as the codomain. The function associates each element in the domain with another … Full sample


Major General Kathryn G. Frost – Essay Sample

For my paper I chose Major General (retired) Kathryn G. Frost who retired when she was in the position of commander of the United States Army and Air Force exchange service a job she took back in 2002. By the … Full sample

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University Admission Essay – Essay Sample

I am a hardworking, dedicated and honest person. I intend to work hard on Boston community development in relation to public health as a health care provider and also consultant. I also want to be fully dedicated to treating patients, … Full sample

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