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Garret Morgan Biography – Essay Sample

Garret Morgan was an American inventor who made our world a safer place with the help of his inventions. Among the most essential ones are the gas mask and the street lights. His inventions were of great value, and what … Full sample

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Ombudsman Definition – Essay Sample

Ombudsman (from Swedish “representative”) is a specially elected (appointed) official who monitors the human rights situation in various administrative agencies. This term is of Scandinavian origin and means an official who receives complaints. Official job titles in different countries vary. … Full sample

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The Nature of Scholarly Information – Essay Sample

Both Sue Johnson (Johnson) and Paul Thompson (Thompson) believe that oral history is a great way of recording the experiences and thoughts of the common people. Both point out the fact that random sampling may not work when it comes … Full sample

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NFL History – Essay Sample

The National Football League is the hugest, most popular sports league in the country. The establishment of the NFL completely revolutionized the American sport experience for fans and athletes alike. Before the NFL, there was no national football conference bringing … Full sample


Is There Really Such a Thing as Haunted Houses in the World? – Essay Sample

Everyone has heard scary stories about haunted houses. Usually the scenes of grizzly murders or tragic deaths, haunted houses have captured the imaginations of storytellers, authors, film directors, paranormal experts and scientists. In essence, a haunted house is a building … Full sample

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