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Communism in China – Essay Outline

Title: The impact of the war with Japan on the communist-national struggle for control of China Outline Title Page Introduction Thesis Statement Background Conflict with Japan – high level perspective Communist-nationalist struggle for control of China The influence of Japan … Full sample

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Western Way of War – Essay Sample

Learning from history, superior technology, and discipline have defined some of the most successful military campaigns by Western civilizations. The tradition continues and this fact holds true in the case of U.S military campaigns in U.S and Afghanistan, too. Geoffrey … Full sample

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Globalization and US National Security – Essay Sample

Mr. Thomas P.M. Barnett argues that Gap states will present security threats to the U.S. in the future if they have not already. Thus, it is a pragmatic approach on the part of U.S. to bring change in Gap states … Full sample

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Revolutions in North Africa – Essay Sample

An analysis of the various revolutions in the North African nations of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt pose obvious questions concerning the future of politics, economics and health care: Do such revolutions demarcate a fundamental possibility for economic development, the improvement … Full sample

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The War on Terror – Essay Sample

The War on Terror, though never officially declared a war, has been raging for almost a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. At the core of this war is a simple, yet highly complex, issue. It is a disparity of wealth. … Full sample

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