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World’s Columbian Exposition Portrayed in The Devil in the White City – Essay Sample

Famed journalist Richard Harding Davis described the World’s Columbian Exposition as “the greatest event in the history of the country since the Civil War. (Larson 5) This is quite a claim, as America had experienced several great events between the 1865 … Full sample

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Racism and Civil War – Essay Sample

The struggle of blacks in the South following the Civil War was both a unique social situation and one reflective of the dilemmas facing working class white people on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. What African Americans endured, … Full sample

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Barack Obama – Essay Sample

The election of Barack Obama to U.S. President has been seen as an African American victory of the greatest proportions. That a black man could achieve that office was unthinkable even in the recent past, and Obama’s presidency continues to … Full sample

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What Motivated White Men To Attack Blacks? – Essay Sample

In the past, I think American white men had a variety of reasons that both made them actually want to attack black men, and justify it to themselves. To say that race and racial differences were behind this is stating … Full sample

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Standing on Principle: Mary Prince’s Defiance – Essay Sample

Mary Prince’s battle against the abuse of her master does seem largely based on the principle of gender integrity.  Her refusal to submit to the depradations of a sexually charged nature would seem to indicate that here was a line … Full sample

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