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Slave Trade – Essay Sample

1. What was the role of Africa in the evolution of modern humanity? Modern archeological and genetic evidence have resulted in the theory of Africa being the birthplace of modern anatomically correct humans. Evidence suggests that Homo sapiens arose in … Full sample

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Martin Luther King and Civil Rights – Essay Sample

1. The Civil Rights movement’s leaders practiced a non-violent ideology, inspired in part by Dr. King’s adoption of Gandhi’s non-violent tactics.  Despite the passage of Civil Rights legislation, the federal government hoped that African-American citizens would take a lead role … Full sample

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Human Rights – Essay Sample

Little Rock taught the movement’s leaders that it was necessary to confront segregation directly before the government would intervene. “Eisenhower had shown in Little Rock that the national government would intervene to uphold federal authority when it was directly threatened by … Full sample

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Jim Crowe, Jazz, Blues and Black People – Essay Sample

How could a black soldier justify participating in wars against Native Americans, the Spanish, and the Filipinos?  Why did black soldiers serve?  How well did they serve? Black soldiers served very well since they had incredible restraint. They understood that … Full sample


Racial Ideology and Education of Black People – Essay Samples

Why did the agricultural & mechanical training that Hampton Institute and Tuskegee Institute offered gain so much support among both black & white people?  Why did black colleges and universities emphasize learning trades and acquiring skills? The training at Hampton … Full sample

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