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Daddow Argument – Essay Sample

In the Daddow argument, historians are presented as subjective and biased in their documenting of historical events because they somehow benefit by focusing on narrating these events without questioning their accuracy or validity. My experience in reading history as well … Full sample

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The Importance of Sources in Historical Writing – Essay Sample

As the authors state in the introduction to the text, history is “the stories we tell about ourselves, or that others tell about us.” Those stories are fundamentally fashioned out of the sources that historians, themselves, decide are most valuable. … Full sample

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The Oration by Pericles – Essay Sample

The oration by Pericles at the symbolic funeral for all the Athenian warriors killed in battle has stood for thousands of years as a model of oratory, and the immense power of rhetoric. In a very real sense, a large … Full sample

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Reflection of Triangle Fire – Essay Sample

In 1911, the labor union movement was in its infancy. Though organized protests and strikes had occurred, many factory workers still labored in substandard conditions for a meager pay. The infamous Triangle Fire that occurred on March 25th, 1911 in … Full sample

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The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Governmental Endorsement – Essay Sample

In 1994, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) applied to take care of one section of Missouri’s I-55 through the state’s “Adopt-a-Highway” program. On one side of the issue, the area’s diverse student body passes the sign every day and may … Full sample

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