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Article Critique: Talking Styles – Essay Sample

How valuable is it to possess excellent conversational skills in order to have successful relationships with other people? Can communication skills influence the length of a certain relationship? Bruce Bower tries to give answers to these questions in his article … Full sample


Communicative Competence of ESL Students – Essay Sample

Subjects The participants included 28 elementary ESL students in grades 2-5, 18 male, and 10 female. The native languages included Spanish (7), Chinese (5), and Russian, French, Korean, Arabic, Pohnpeian, Urdu, and Samoan. The study was conducted in March-May 2003. … Full sample

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Pope Urban II’s speech at Clermont – Essay Sample

The force and effectiveness of Pope Urban II’s speech to the assembled people at Clermont, France, cannot be viewed without some understanding of the power of the Catholic church at the time. The year was 1095, and Europe was still … Full sample

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The Oration by Pericles – Essay Sample

The oration by Pericles at the symbolic funeral for all the Athenian warriors killed in battle has stood for thousands of years as a model of oratory, and the immense power of rhetoric. In a very real sense, a large … Full sample

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