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Symbolism in the Scarlet Letter – Essay Sample

The scarlet letter is the most vivid symbol of the novel, after all the book is named after it. Hester has to wear the letter and it serves as a multiple symbol. There is no doubt, that at the beginning … Full sample

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Thanatopsis Analysis – Essay Sample

“Thanatopsis” is a poem about life and death. It is also about the nature’s ability to soothe our pain. The poem is filled with thoughts about death and its inevitability. The speaker of the poem suggests that when we have … Full sample

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Comparing Hamlet by Shakespeare and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller – Essay Sample

Though the two stories may have been written hundreds of years apart, Shakespeare’s iconic Hamlet shares much with Arthur Miller’s more modern play, Death of a Salesman. From country ideals to father-son relations and even to the concept of death, … Full sample

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Rebel without a Cause by Nicholas Ray – Essay Example

“Rebel without a Cause” is an American film, which came out in 1955, starring an icon of youth drama of that time, James Dean. The film’s budget was $ 1.5 million, and it was premiered in the US on October … Full sample

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Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald – Essay Sample

In the minds of the contemporaries, F. Scott Fitzgerald was and is not just a writer, but a living legend, who embodied the spirit of the time. In 1920s, he became the idol of American youth that saw him as … Full sample

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