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Cellular Respiration – Essay Sample

Objective of the research To find out whether the big goldfish or the little goldfish will produce more CO2 if contained in the same amount of water. Hypothesis The big fish will produces more CO2 because it has a larger … Full sample

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Role of Yeast in Fermentation of Alcoholic Beverages – Essay Sample

Introduction Process of fermentation has a long history, as even ancient Egyptians knew the secret of brewing the beer. Though fermentation itself had been used for thousands of years, it was considered to be a magical process, but not a … Full sample

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Ethanol – Research Paper Sample

Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is flammable, volatile liquid that has no color. This chemical element is commonly used in producing fuel, alcohol beverages, and in medicine. It is a strait chain alcohol with the following formula: H – … Full sample

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