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Nike Inc. – Essay Sample

My dream place to work is Nike Inc. Nike is the world’s largest footwear company and its iconic founder Phil Knight turned the company into one of the world’s most recognized corporate brands. Mr. Knight resigned as President and CEO … Full sample


Diversity skills – Essay Sample

Diversity skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership are essential to ensuring that people interact with one another in ways that respect and value differences. Communication is essential to provide each co-worker or team member with the necessary information as … Full sample

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Theories of Humor Research: Annotated Bibliography – Essay Sample

Krikmann, Arvo. “Contemporary  Linguistic Theory of Humor.” Folklore. 12 July 2009. The paper discusses the theories of humor, particularly focusing on linguistic ones.  It discusses the following subtopics: Arthur Koestler’s bisociation theory of humor and its reception; Viktor Raskin’s script-based … Full sample

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Self Concept – Essay Sample

Interpersonal communication is probably one of the most, if not the most, important and essential skill that has to be learned and used profficiently by any person either in every day life, or in business.  This vital skill ensures well-built … Full sample

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