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Alex Ross: Modern Classicist – Essay Sample

Introduction Since 1993, Alex Ross has occupied a unique position in American journalism. That is, at the very young age of twenty-five, he was both reviewing classical music for the New York Times and writing music reviews for the equally … Full sample

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Media and the Role of Facebook in the Egyptian Revolution – Essay Sample

There have been literally thousands of magazine articles, news reports, scholarly journals, and all manner of other examinations of the recent uprising in Egypt, and the role of Facebook and social networking in the events surrounding the overthrow of Egyptian … Full sample

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Supervisor Opinions – Essay Sample

My current supervisor would describe me as a punctual and responsible worker who is always on time at work and rarely takes vacations. He would mention that I work well both by myself as well as part of a team. … Full sample


Media’s Effect on Body Image – Essay Sample

From the Second World War, most popular medial (magazines, movies, television, phone, radios, etc.) have rapidly increased, but have held up a thinner and thinner body image as the idyllic for women. The situation has gone further up to more … Full sample

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Media Consumers – Essay Sample

What exactly is the case for manipulation that this essay puts forth, and how should this inform the average media consumer’s understanding of the media they are receiving? It is argued by liberal theorists that the media should be a … Full sample

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