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How Culture and Location Change the News – Essay Sample

News is no longer a reporting of simple facts. Culture, politics, national issues and ethics shape the portrayal and coverage of breaking news in the world today. The same event may be displayed in strikingly different depending on the surrounding … Full sample

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Media Bias in Politics – Essay Sample

In order to make an informed decision before voting in an election, it is essential to become familiar with the candidates and their positions on issues that are relevant to the voter.  Utilizing media outlets to inform one about these … Full sample

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Alex Ross: Modern Classicist – Essay Sample

Introduction Since 1993, Alex Ross has occupied a unique position in American journalism. That is, at the very young age of twenty-five, he was both reviewing classical music for the New York Times and writing music reviews for the equally … Full sample

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The Effects of Media Violence in Society Exaggeration – Essay Sample

Violent movies, television shows and/or video games have been tremendously popular within adults, adolescents and even children in today’s society.  Several Americans turn to media violence as a form of entertainment and an amusing hobby, however some that the entertainment … Full sample

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Revisiting Professional Learning Communities – Essay Sample

In Chapters 8 and 9 of Richard DuFour and Robert Eaker’s book Revisiting Professional Learning Communities, the authors suggest that in the past, schools were constructed to serve as filters by which society could segregate students, based on their competence … Full sample

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