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New Balance and Lean Six Sigma – Essay Sample

In 2004, the New Balance firm, manufacturer of athletic footwear, underwent a radical transformation in its business model and incorporated the Lean Six Sigma methodology in its factories. Although the Lean Six Sigma model has its roots internationally – specifically … Full sample

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Quality Standard ISO 9000 – Essay Sample

1. ISO 9000 is a quality standard certification that is given by ISO, an international network of local national standards institutes. As a quality management program, the basic aim of ISO is to set standards for products within the globalized … Full sample

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Corporate Fraud and Financial Pyramids – Essay Sample

Introduction Corporate fraud is unfortunately not rare in the business world in Canada. A 2009 multinational survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper “white collar” or economic crime is growing faster in Canada than in other developed countries, with 56 percent of … Full sample

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Financial Benchmarking – Essay Sample

Liquidity Ratio or Acid Test Ratio This ratio determines the ratio of liquid assets to that of current liabilities.  As such it enables you to determine the ability of a business to pay its short term debts as and when … Full sample

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Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow – Essay Sample

There are three main components of the financial statements which are balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows. Balance sheet provides the information on the sources of capital, income statement provides information about operational expenses and revenues, and cash flow … Full sample

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