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Community Nursing: Senior Populations – Essay Sample

While community, or public, nursing has become widely prevalent in the health care field for decades now, there remains some confusion as to exactly what it is. The term is, at best, ambiguous and non-specific. However, community nursing is essentially … Full sample

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Differential Diagnosis (Sore Throat) – Essay Sample

If a patient presents with a complaint of a sore throat, a number of differential diagnoses must be considered before determining a final diagnosis.  This paper considers three examples of potential diagnoses for this condition with an explanation of why … Full sample

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Symptoms of Coughs – Essay Sample

When patients are experiencing discomforting symptoms, mainly presenting coughs, the patient should inform their doctors about every symptom and detail the individual is experiencing.  The more information that a patient provides to the doctor, the easier it is to clarify … Full sample

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Quality Management and Quality Improvement – Essay Sample

Both quality management and quality improvement, particularly within the nursing industry, are always going to be a high priority. Still, with new illnesses popping up in medical facilities every day, and the current strains of viruses and bacteria mutating are … Full sample

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Drug Addiction – Essay Sample

Drug addiction is not merely a simple occurrence, it is a disease. There is pathology to be considered, agents and modalities used in treatments, as well as follow- up monitoring. Drug therapy is a very specialized field and there are … Full sample

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