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Analyzing the Particle Size of Latex – Essay Sample

Out of all the particle types in the world, latex particles are perhaps one of the most interesting. Latexes are used in a variety of chemical products, such as adhesives and other industrial goods. They are polymerics found naturally occurring … Full sample


The Force of Gravity – Essay Example

The earth attracts all bodies: people, water, seas, oceans, houses, the Moon and the Sun. However, these bodies also draw the Earth. The mutual attraction of all bodies in the universe is called gravity. The force of attraction of bodies … Full sample

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What Makes Stain Removers Work – Essay Sample

When there is a need to remove a stain, a clever idea is to determine its origin first of all. Stain removers can remove the stain altogether or only mask it, but most of them depend on a couple of … Full sample


Construction – Essay Sample

This project  analyzed  a 12-story one-bay building constructed using a beam-hinging frame and 12 distributions of lateral forces for uniform floor masses when subjected to earth movements equivalent to the Loma Prieta, Saratoga earthquake.  Three variations of this building were … Full sample

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Fantasy Machines – Essay Sample

Electricity: Electric Cat Fur Collector This machine is the electric cat fur collector.  If you have a cat you know that cat fur accumulates without mercy no matter how often you dust or sweep—and if you have a long-haired cat, … Full sample

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