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Preferred retirement age – Essay Sample

Hypothesis This research explores the hypothesis that males and females differ in their preferred retirement ages. Introduction The age at which a person chooses to stop working is a person’s retirement age. Ideally, this is the age at which a … Full sample


Optimizing Staff Use To Maximize ER Efficiency – Essay Sample

Outline Introduction paragraph Introduction Thesis: Determine the busiest hours of the emergency room, prove that triage affects time spent with patient, check if triage influence nurse/patient ratio ER data Preparation Determining set of numbers that are needed for the investigation … Full sample

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Statistics Observations – Essay Sample

Ten people will constitute the sample to be used for observation purposes.  The sample to be observed will be selected from the same population chosen for the questionnaires, and selection for both samples will be done at the same time. … Full sample


Statistics Research Paper Sample

Division of labor, economic growth, and development of monetary system marked a new era in human relations. People do not need to grow bread, feed animals, and take care about their babies at the same time any more. Working for … Full sample

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