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Exploration of Christianity – Essay Sample

Christianity is a western religion with its roots in Judaism. It started out as a denomination, or church, within Judaism but soon evolved into a completely separate sect.  It is part of the Abrahamic traditions which includes Christianity, Judaism and … Full sample

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Stoicism and Buddhism – Essay Sample

The sociology of religion defines sect as the type of religion which rejects the laws and values of the world. On the contrary, the church is a religion that accepts the laws and values of the world. The sect is … Full sample


Sectarianism – Essay Sample

Sectarianism is the act of hatred and violence by a particular group against others whom it perceives as being different and on the wrong path. Sense of self-righteousness convinces the group that any mean no matter how harsh it may … Full sample


Religion and Salvation – Essay Sample

The philosophy of Pelagius, that humans could find salvation through their own actions, rested on the assumption that human beings had free will. Free will puts control of life in the hands of the individual. From a religious standpoint, it … Full sample


Importance of Gender in Religion – Essay Sample

It is not surprising at all that new evidence of the “sacred feminine” is continually discovered in archaeological sites. “Several Neolithic sites with female representations have been seen as ‘sanctuaries of the Goddess’, including…Bronze Age discoveries on both Malta and … Full sample

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