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Power of Indulgences – Essay Sample

In his “Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences” of 1517, Dr. Martin Luther goes to great pains to break down what he firmly believes to be a system of abuse within the subject. Luther actually employs ninety-five distinct … Full sample

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Circumcision in Indian Culture – Essay Sample

In India, there are a number of different cultures represented. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists are all in India, and natives from every culture in that country come to the local area, bringing with them their own cultural response to … Full sample

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Christian Ethics in the Workplace – Essay Sample

The Situation John is the leader of his company and a man to which falls the responsibility of handling employee disputes and investigating allegations of employee misconduct. He must make decisions that are fair, just and are for the overall … Full sample

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Gnosticism and Literalism – Essay Sample

While the differences between Gnosticism and Literalism are myriad and varied, the general difference is Gnostics believe that much of the religious literature is an allegory and is open to interpretation whereas Literalists believe in the literal word of the … Full sample

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Exploration of Christianity – Essay Sample

Christianity is a western religion with its roots in Judaism. It started out as a denomination, or church, within Judaism but soon evolved into a completely separate sect.  It is part of the Abrahamic traditions which includes Christianity, Judaism and … Full sample

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