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The Question of Human Existence – Essay Sample

Human beings have debated the reason for existence for millennia. Ultimately, each person must derive his or her own answer to the question of why they are here. Answers, however, can generally be classified into three groups: those who believe … Full sample

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Impact of Jesus’ and Muhammad’s death on a respective religion – Essay Sample

One of the things that is absolutely different in stories of Jesus and Muhammad is that it is believed by the followers of Christ that he was resurrected after the death, while Muhammad had died and was buried as any … Full sample


The Life and Ministry of A.J. Tomlinson – Essay Sample

United States, which is a relatively young state, has had in its history a number of remarkable intellectuals and outstanding leaders who devoted their lives to encourage the growth and expansion of religion. Even though many of such figures have … Full sample


The Critical Review of “The Search for God in Ancient Egypt” by Jan Assmann – Essay Sample

In “The Search for God in Ancient Egypt” written in 1984 by one of the most well-known Egyptologists Jan Assman, the author takes on a complex goal of researching the essence of what is known as Egyptian theology. The book … Full sample


Hunduism – Essay Sample

Hinduism in 21st Century: Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the world. It is composed of a rich collection of philosophical and spiritual traditions that had been followed throughout Asia for over five thousand years. The core beliefs of … Full sample

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