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Book Review: Ruth Rosen, the World Split Open – Essay Sample

“The World Split Open” by Ruth Rosen represents a fascinating and intriguing story following accurately the history of so called women’s movement. Rosen is a history professor and a journalist who participated herself in the struggles of women revolution. The … Full sample

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Complex Correlation between Sexual Harassment and Gender in the Common Workplace – Essay Sample

Outline Title Page Faculty Certification Page Student Certification Page Abstract Table of Contents Chapter I Problem Definition Statement of Purpose Setting of the Problem History and Background of the Problem Scope of the Project Importance of the Project Definition of … Full sample


Congressional Digest – Essay Sample

Introduction Congressional Digest is a corporation constitutionally founded in 1919 and is basically concern with the right of women. It was founded by Alice Gram Robinson and its best for its “impartial view of controversial issues.” The congress has continued … Full sample


What roles do gender and class play in Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land? – Essay Sample

The concept of both gender and class have no major significance in attaining the Pure Land ( achieving a state of Nirvana or enlightenment where you become reborn in the pure land).  The concept of whether you are male or … Full sample


Women and Sexism – Essay Sample

This paper explores the social work considerations about women and sexism.  Particularly focusing on the aspects that a social worker needs to know when interacting with women.  The paper is split into three parts (i) Introduction and Background (ii) Cultural … Full sample

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