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Sexual Harassment Memorandum – Essay Sample

Sexual harassment is behavior that is dictated by the sexual motive, which is undesirable or offensive to the object of such behavior. Such behavior may humiliate, cause problems with health and safety. “Undesirable” is a key word in the definition … Full sample

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Long-term effects of being bullied in school – Essay Example

My experience as a victim of bullying I was only thirteen years old when I graduated from primary to secondary school. This was every young girl’s dream, since young girls who never joined secondary schools were married off at extremely … Full sample

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Teen Smoking Intervention – Essay Sample

Background Smoking is an addictive behavior that leads to multiple long-term health problems, both physical and psychological (Mandil et al., 2007).  As a result, the Ministry of Health in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been working hard to reduce … Full sample

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The Other Women’s Movement – Essay Sample

By just knowing her, Dorothy Sue Cobble is a professor of history, women’s gender studies and labor studies. Apart from that she also holds a Ph.D. in History of America that she attained from Stanford University. She has written many … Full sample

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Abortion: Where Has Morality Gone? – Essay Sample

Joan Didion’s essay, “On Morality,” poses the question, “What is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong,’ what is ‘good’ and what ‘evil’?” (182). In today’s society, often times many people do not even consider this question before taking certain actions, because … Full sample

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