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Children and War in Latin Film – Essay Sample

Since the emersion of Latin films into mainstream cinemas in the early 1980’s, there has been a great amount of detail shared about life in other countries.  Whereas many of the topics are hard to watch, the worst is the … Full sample

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A Vindication of the Rights of Women – Essay Sample

A Different “Enlightenment”: Mary Wollstonecraft and the Rights of Women Introduction In the late eighteenth century, just as Western humanity was fully embracing the Age of Enlightenment and congratulating itself on its insight, Mary Wollstonecraft supplied the entire ideology with … Full sample

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Sir Robert Peel – Essay Sample

Introduction Robert Peel was a noted British Conservative of the nineteenth century, one who enjoyed a vastly influential career in English politics. He served, in fact, as Prime Minister on two separate occasions. Despite some important actions taken by him … Full sample

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The Israeli Legal System – Essay Sample

The state of Israel, the biblical home of the Jewish people, was “reborn” on May 14, 1948, and was established as a parliamentary system. Reforms that have taken place over a long period have created a system that is a … Full sample

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Entering the US from Taiwan – Essay Sample

Entering the US from Taiwan: A Case Study Introduction The subject, Mrs. K., of this interview is a 28 year old computer programmer for a major software company.  She is married, but so far has no children, and works full-time.  … Full sample

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