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Classic Tragic Theater in the Making: Melville’s Billy Budd – Essay Sample

Introduction Herman Melville’s posthumously published novel, Billy Budd, Sailor, has been translated somewhat successfully to the stage, despite the inescapable fact that it is a shipboard tale, and consequently difficult to realistically portray in the theater. The 1951 theatrical version … Full sample


Hedda Gabler Play – Essay Sample

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler has something going for it beyond dramatic power; it is a strikingly modern play, and it is this modernity that renders any definition of Hedda herself as a femme fatale ridiculous. To refer to Hedda as a … Full sample

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“All My Sons and James” by Miller and “If Beale Street Could Talk” by Baldwin – Essay Sample

Miller’s first theatrical success, “All My Sons and James” is a clear evidence of the centrality of the past to the Ibsenian stage world of Miller’s early career. The play depicts revelations about Joe Keller and his relationship to his … Full sample

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Themes of Sight and Blindness in Oedipus the King – Essay Sample

In Sophocles’ play,” Oedipus the King” there are contradictory situations relating to the ability to see things literally compared to having vision symbolically.  This motif repeats again and again in this story and becomes one of its central themes.  When … Full sample

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