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Jacob Lawrence Biography – Essay Example

A famous painter, narrator, and exegete of African-American experience and culture, Jacob Lawrence was born to a family of southerners in 1917 in Atlantic City. His family moved North in hopes to find a better life in the northern parts … Full sample

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Citizen Kane Summary – Essay Sample

Citizen Kane is considered to be one of the greatest films in the history of cinema. It was named the best film of all times by the American Film Institute. In 1989, Citizen Kane was added to the National Register … Full sample


Archaeology in Hawaii – Essay Sample

Hawaiian archipelago consists of seven main islands located in the north central part of the Pacific Ocean in the tropics (19-22 ° latitude). This is a chain of volcanic peaks that are separated from the mainland and other islands. In … Full sample

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KPAX and Beautiful Mind – Essay Sample

The intricacies and abnormalities of the human psyche have captured the imaginations of authors, and filmmakers for years. Artistic views on mental disorders are often the subject of many notable films. Two movies, produced in the year 2001, take mental … Full sample

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Sound and AvantGarde Films in the Silent Era – Essay Sample

Title: The Relations between Sound and AvantGarde Film in the Silent Era The ‘silent’ era of cinema is a deceiving title; while there may not have been spoken words, sound played a key role in the avantgarde films of the … Full sample

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