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Warren Buffet – Essay Sample

Warren Buffet has followed the investment strategy prescribed by Graham School of Thought throughout his whole investing life and the strategy is known as “value investing”. Value investing takes a long term approach towards investing and believes that the real … Full sample

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Social Scene – Essay Sample

There were more individuals in the room than the chairs and sofas combined yet one would have no trouble finding an empty chair or a sofa. Maybe an unwritten rule states that party conversations are best carried out while standing … Full sample

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Housing Prices – Essay Sample

Housing Prices The housing credit is one area of finance that has been adversely affected by the downward spiralling of the housing prices. As the number of people who are able to purchase homes reduces, so has the demand for … Full sample


Company Investment – Essay Sample

The gross profit margin made it possible to determine how the company could sell the profit greater than its production and labor value. For every dollar Abington-Hills spent, they received a 25% return. The revenue generated from this 25 cent … Full sample

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Investment Banks and Commercial Banks: Their Differences

Investment banks refer to financial institutions involved in public and private market transactions for corporations, governments, and investors and provide strategic advisory services. Commercial banks, on the other hand, comprise of those institutions that accept customer deposits, give out loans … Full sample

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