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“The Fish” By Elizabeth Bishop – Essay Example

Elizabeth Bishop is considered to be one of the most famous female writers of the 20th century. Some say her poetry is rather cold and objective because her personality is never present in her writings. However, all of her works … Full sample

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Summary – Essay Sample

At the beginning of the story, we meet a teenager Connie, who cannot find common language with her mom or older sister. As a result, the girl spends most of her summer time out with friends. One night, she goes … Full sample

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The Jury of Her Peers – Essay Sample

The story starts with Mr. and Mrs. Hale going to the crime scene with sheriff Peters and his wife Mrs. Peters. Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters are main female characters. Martha met sheriffs wife only once at county fair, so … Full sample

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Symbolism in Great Gatsby – Essay Sample

The novel Great Gatsby is a novel about a self-made man; a man who lived the American Dream, but whose money and wealth never made him truly happy. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the well-known author of the novel, filled it with … Full sample

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Richard Cory Analysis – Essay Sample

Richard Cory, the main hero of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, seemed like a true gentleman; a person who belonged to the upper class and enjoyed the advantages to which he was entitled. The man was neatly dressed, polite to others, … Full sample

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