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Altered Mental Status – Essay Sample

Altered Mental Status Heat Stroke Particularly in summertime, heat stroke is a significant cause of presentation of altered mental status. Heat stroke (or sunstroke) is a medical emergency that can prove to be fatal if not dealt with promptly and … Full sample

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Pharmacological Interventions – Essay Sample

Contrast materials used in radiology are administered to be able to see anatomical structure better in x-rays. What these materials do is they increase the absorption of the images x-rays produce so that images may be better visualized. These Medias … Full sample

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Plavix – Essay Sample

Plavix is the trade name given to the generic drug clopidogrel, as marketed by the firms of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis, and was first approved for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997.  … Full sample

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Diabetes Treatment and Prevention – Essay Sample

Diabetes may seem to be a serious obstacle in ones everyday life. However, there are certain ways to treat this illness, or at least, lessen its negative impact on the life of a person. In essence, there are two major … Full sample

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Merck in Latin America – Essay Sample

The case presented in Merck in Latin America is the story of Grey Warner’s contribution to raising the profitability of a pharmaceutical company in the complex economic and political situation of Latin America. In 1993, when Grey Warner became Merck’s … Full sample





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