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University Admission Essay – Essay Sample

I am a hardworking, dedicated and honest person. I intend to work hard on Boston community development in relation to public health as a health care provider and also consultant. I also want to be fully dedicated to treating patients, … Full sample

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A Good Mother – Essay Sample

“Mommy, you’re home!” my four years old screamed as I walked through the door from my night class. The sound of laughter and squeals of joy could be heard all the way down the driveway. Moments like this are the … Full sample


Hispanic Heritage – Essay Sample

Hispanic heritage is an important concept that surrounds my entire life.  I have lived in Puerto Rico my entire life.  Puerto Rico is a beautiful island that is part of the United States and is comprised of mostly Hispanic individuals.  … Full sample

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The Lesson – Essay Sample

Sylvia’s observation, “Where we are is who we are, Miss Moore always pointing out. But it don’t necessarily have to be that way (¶ 44),” begs to be answered. So does the fact that Miss Moore holds an expectation that … Full sample


Why I want to Study Finance Major – Essay Sample

In the entire world, sound management practices are the force behind success of any institution be it private or government institution, profit making or non profit making as well as charitable institutions. The decisions that are made in all cadre … Full sample

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