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Legalizing Marijuana – Essay Examples

The drug marijuana is perhaps the most widely controversial drug in America. Since the early 1900s, marijuana – or cannabis, as it is officially known to the U.S. government – has been regulated, taxed, and eventually illegalized. Every since the … Full sample

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Children Obesity Prevention – Essay Sample

Child obesity is an increasing medical problem amongst children in the United States – some estimates average that one-third of children suffer from the disorder. Children are diagnosed with obesity when their body-mass index is in the 95 percentile, which … Full sample

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Breast Feeding Versus Bottle Feeding – Essay Sample

New mothers often face a difficult choice when it comes to feeding their newborns. The ongoing battle of breast feeding verses bottle feeding may never truly be resolved; there are pros and cons for both, and often little evidence to … Full sample


Heart Murmurs – Essay Example

When considering heart murmurs seven key attributes need to be considered. These are: whether it is systolic (because diastolic murmurs are always a problem), whether it is small (as in heard in only a limited area), whether it is soft … Full sample


Disabilities Can Affect Anyone – Essay Example

Life is difficult for everyone, but it is especially difficult for those of us with disabilities. Some disabilities are easy to recognize because of the use of a wheelchair or cane; others are nearly impossible to observe. All types of … Full sample

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