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Legalizing Marijuana – Essay Examples

The drug marijuana is perhaps the most widely controversial drug in America. Since the early 1900s, marijuana – or cannabis, as it is officially known to the U.S. government – has been regulated, taxed, and eventually illegalized. Every since the … Full sample

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World Trade Organization – Essay Example

International trading would not be the same today without the World Trade Organization, also known as the WTO. Its main function is dealing with rules of trade between various nations. Without the WTO, it is likely that international trade markets … Full sample

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Prosecution and Defense – Essay Sample

The prosecution relies heavily on communication between Riff and others to establish motive. Marquette claims that Riff threatened to get even with him and put his store out of business after he was fired for being late. Motive is further … Full sample

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Mandatory Breathalyzers in Automobiles – Essay Sample

Mandatory Breathalyzers and Interlocking Devices in Automobiles The idea of utilizing breathalyzers or interlock systems in automobiles to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel has been debated for years; technology exists that would not only allow breathalyzers to … Full sample

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Digital Crimes and Criminal Justice – Essay Sample

The evolution of digital technology as well as its adoption over the last decade has been a remarkable event. It is hard to think of any disruptive technology that has been adopted on such a wide scale by most of … Full sample

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